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brus_knaster035ANDREAS HOURDAKIS TRIO In a Barn
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This music came about, or was at least recorded, during the hottest days in August last year in a borrowed barn north of Stockholm, converted into a studio for the occasion. Hence the title In A Barn. It’s the album debut of Andreas Hourdakis and his trio which also consists of bass player Martin Höper and drummer Ola Hultgren.

Andreas Hourdakis is a versatile musician. Within the jazz context he has been noted for his contribution to the Magnus Öström Group, but also for his guest appearances with German trumpet player Sebastian Studnitzky’s groups. Hourdakis is featured on numerous records. Besides on albums with the artists already mentioned he can be heard on Jeanette Lindström’s Swedish Grammy winning record Attitude And Orbit Control, which also contains vocal appearances by Robert Wyatt. He is a part of Swedish fusion/indiejazz group City Nights and a founding member of lauded pop group Here Is Your Temple.
In his London Jazz News’s review of Daniel Karlsson Trio’s Grammy winning album Fusion For Fish, an album that features Hourdakis on two tracks, Rob Mallows wrote ”One of the most distinctive guitar voices in European jazz”. One can only agree with that description!
In a Barn solely consists of newly written tunes, the seven original compositions bearing the same hallmark of precision that characterizes Hourdakis’ guitar playing.
And just like Andreas appeared on two tracks of the Fusion For Fish album Daniel Karlsson is featured on two tracks of In A Barn.

In A Barn is released on both vinyl and CD on the Brus & Knaster label.

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