Two new albums out now!

Over the past few weeks we have added two new albums to the catalogue.

Brus 035/Knaster 035 ANDREAS HOURDAKIS TRIO “In a Barn” CD & 180 G Vinyl


This music came about, or was at least recorded, during the hottest days in August last year in a borrowed barn north of Stockholm, converted into a studio for the occasion. Hence the title In A Barn. It’s the album debut of Andreas Hourdakis and his trio which also consists of bass player Martin Höper and drummer Ola Hultgren.

”One of the most distinctive guitar voices in European jazz”. Rob Mallows, London Jazz News


Knaster 037 MARITZA HORN “Take It Where You Find It” 180 G Vinyl


This is a collection of demo recordings made many years ago for a never finished album. The multitrack tapes are missing. A stereo cassette copy with rough mixes all that remains.

The ones we felt release-worthy have been baked, washed and hung up to dry for ”Take it Where You Find it”. We assure you, they’re worth it!