House of Tomidas

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Dark Times! Brus 002

House of Tomidas play no-holds-barred pop music. Britta Persson’s distinctive vocals an interesting contrast o the rough sway of the band. It seems as if songwriter Peter Hermansson, piano and accordion (earlier with Kristofer Åström’s Hidden Truck), is an eccentric man with mood swings of sorts. Percussionist Niklas Johansson and guitarist Johan Strömgren complete the HoT-combo. Dark Times is the debut of this brilliant outfit, an alternative pop album that encourages the listener to let go of the safety net. Dark Times is produced by Per Nordmark (Fireside, Breach, Hets, Bad Hands).
A Serbian Romani accordion-player is the main reason for the existence of House of Tomidas. Bandleader and piano player Peter Hermansson saw Lelo Nika at a concert in Stockholm in 2000 and immediately bought himself an accordion and barricaded himself in a closet the following six months to learn how to play. In those years drummer Niklas Johansson lived in a small cottage in the woods of Sollentuna, a few miles outside of Stockholm. They began playing a brand of music they labelled gypsy progressive. On the way to the cottage there was a sausage place called Tomidas. The guy who ran the business, dealing in mainly cooked sausages and porn (!), was called Torvald. He told Peter and Niklas that he had wanted to name his business Midas, after the mythological king who turned everything he touched into gold but since the name already was taken, he had just taken the first syllable of his name and added that to Midas, thus calling his place Tomidas. The boys immediately appropriated the name for their duo which was soon to be transformed into a trio with the arrival of mandolin-playing guitarist Johan Strömgren. Still the band had no particular ambition, they were content just to exist. They mainly played exclusive gigs for exstatic audiences in small villages in the North of Sweden. Peter had no intention whatsoever of writing pop music. Until in 2006, when the thought of adding a singer to Tomidas started to seem interesting. This lead Peter to write some songs on the piano, as well as adding lyrics to them. The obvious choice for a vocalist was Britta Persson, who Peter had collaberated frequently with on numerous tours and albums, and whose voice would make an interesting contrast to their music. When asked, Britta said yes and House of Tomidas was finally built.


1. Shadows & Tall Tree
2. Dr. Mesmer
3. Daytime Drunk
4. Gunshot Tomidas
5. The Letter
6. From Hand To Mouth
7. All Your Colours Turn To White
8. Ants & Cabbage
9. Tango Noir

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