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Any Exit – We Hunt, We Hide, We Lie and Then We Die Knaster 022

“And there, captivating becomes downright irresistible at once.”                                                          Jean Pierre Simmard, ROLLING STONE

They found each other in a mutual romantic way of viewing music making, the idea that music shall challenge intellectually, sensually and spiritually. This is the core of the band Any Exit; Erica Bjuremark, guitar and vocals, Victor Mobäck, double bass and Sebastian Bergström, keyboards.

Together with producer Göran Petersson the trio teamed up in a church in the Swedish countryside where Erica grew up. A few cold days in April in a building replete with history and a weird sense of stopping oneself from running in the aisle. The church nave a place to lock yourself  inside. A week they lived music, ate, slept, consorted with each other. And every note was recorded, live, in the moment.

”Then I talked about all the things that surround me at home. How the darkness, the woods, the lake, the people and the animals are so much more alive just because it’s home and and that I can see with my childhood’s fairytale eyes. And if it’s anything I want  to to infuse this album with, it’s that belief and that magic.”– Erica Bjuremark

Erica Bjuremark’s distinctive voice that has been compared to that of Feist, came to attention when she sang on a cover of Ted Lucas’ 70s song It’s So Easy, for a car commercial that spread around the world. She has also been a member of Prince of Assyria’s band as a guitarist and singer.

Sebastian Bergström is a jazz musician, among other things a member of free jazz group Correction.

Victor Mobäck is classically trained violin player who also works a a soloist and chamber musician who works all over Sweden.

The three have known each other for many years and together they now unite in the both delicate and irrepressible entirety that is Any Exit. With their background in different genres they are a band that have searched for their expression in the sparse, in the simple. Their classical training show in the way their music transcend the usual pop harmonies. With the lyrics of Erica Bjuremark as a jumping-off point the band put the music and the arrangements together collectively and organically.

Theirs is a music for afterthought. Powerful yet delicate and bare. Erica’s voice reaches inside you and afterwards you carry the music next to your skin.

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Any Exit – Champions League/White Horse Knaster 001S

The debut single from Any Exit.  Available as a 300 copy limited edition 7” vinyl single in handmade serigraphy cover by Jakob Ardmar.


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