Daniel Karlsson Trio

Daniel Karlsson Trio


Brus/Knaster 049

Release date: 2018-03-23


The Daniel Karlsson Trio has since their album debut Das Taxibåt in September 2013 established themselves as one of the most interesting constellations in Swedish and European jazz. Not least through the magnificent hat trick brought home by their sophomore album Fusion for Fish, released in August 2014 that won the Swedish Radio’s Jazz Group of the Year Award 2014, Swedish jazz magazine OJ’s Golden Disc 2015 as well as the Swedish Jazz Grammy 2015. Ears were opened abroad as well, their music met with press accolades and frequent airplay in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, in the UK and Ireland.

Their 2016 release, their third album, At the Feel Free Falafel also garnered a lot of attention with favourable reviews and extensive radio play. The same is also true about their fourth full length title Ding Dong released in 2017. An album that has just given them another nomination for a Swedish Grammy Award for best jazz album in 2018.

As before their flow and rather astonishing production of new music continue… Five years after the dynamic trio’s record debut we are proud to present their fifth album aptly titled No. 5. Positively brimming with creative music in seven new songs from Daniel Karlsson’s prolific pen, as melodic and powerful as always, maybe even more so this time. From the pensive opening tracks Dubious Whisper and Let Me Tell You One More Thing over the wildly swinging Meet the Moiners with its maelstrom middle part to the final No Answer Ballad the trio once more prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

5 – Track listing: 1. Dubious Whisper 2. Let Me Tell You One More Thing 3. Salzburg 4. Days Long Lost and Gone 5. In the Tambourine Forge 6. Meet the Moiners 7. No Answer Ballad

The Daniel Karlsson Trio are:

Daniel Karlsson, piano, keyboards

Christian Spering, double bass, cello, dilruba & tar shehnai

Fredrik Rundqvist, drums & percussion

5 is available on LP, CD and as a digital album.

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Daniel Karlsson Trio

>>Ding Dong<<

Brus/Knaster 043

Release: 2017-01-27

On this their fourth studio album the Daniel Karlsson Trio take their art to yet another level. As on their previous three albums Ding Dong is positively jam-packed with original ultra-hip music by prolific pianist, composer and bandleader Daniel Karlsson. The album was recorded during two separate sessions in 2016. The first one just after New Years’ Eve in the dark of winter during a blizzard of snow over the Stockholm archipelago and the island of Runmarö. The contrast couldn’t have been greater than to when the mobile studio was rigged in the Runmarö Concert Hall for a second recording session during the week of bright midsummer nights in June.

We have worked with the same collage/cut up technique on Ding Dong as previously, i.e. the production has started out as regular piano trio recording that has been cut up, resampled and/or, with new overdubs added. But this time there are also tracks like Last Tesoro where Christian Spering has used an effect pedal on his double bass already at the recording stage to set a sound. The title track and the final Passing Fury with its raw live sound from a nightly excursion in a Milesean vibe has also been tinged from the start. One track has made it to the final master without any treatment whatsoever, on Spyder’s Mam the trio appear in their most traditional shape. The minimalistic Streetlight Shadows takes ideas first appearing on At the Feel Free Falafel (the trio’s third album) but this time even further. Concluding the Ding Dong track listing – A Man and His Umbrella – a playful fusion track.

Daniel Karlsson Trio are Daniel Karlsson, piano and keyboards, Christian Spering, double bass and cello and Fredrik Rundqvist, drums and percussion.

In conjunction with the release of Ding Dong the trio will make a club tour in Germany, Austria and Italy.

”In a market where piano trios abound, the Daniel Karlsson Trio stands out as a trio brimming with ideas. As for Karlsson, whilst he’s not afraid to show his influences he certainly isn’t defined or confined by them. His riveting playing and compositional flare mark him out as one of the most exciting of contemporary pianists…” Ian Patterson, All about jazz

As always, thank you to Richard Johansson for brilliant cover art!

Brus 043 – CD

Knaster 043 – 180 G Vinyl


Daniel Karlsson Trio at The Feel Free Falafel Brus/Knaster 036brus036_cover








The Daniel Karlsson Trio have since their album debut Das Taxibåt in September 2013 established themselves as one of the most interesting constellations in Swedish jazz. Not least through the magnificent hat trick brought home by their sophomore release Fusion for Fish, released in August 2014. The album ended up winning the Swedish Radio’s Jazz Group of the Year Award 2014, Swedish jazz magazine OJ’s Golden Disc 2015 as well as the Swedish Jazz Grammy 2015. Ears have been opened abroad as well, their music met with press accolades and frequent airplay in Germany, but also in the UK and Ireland.

This does not mean that the trio are resting on their laurels. New music has been recorded through the Fall of 2014 and the Spring of 2015 on the island of Runmarö in the Stockholm archipelago and then honed to perfection at the brus & knaster studio in Stockholm. The result is now ready to be sent off into the world.

On this, their third outing, there’s a also new member in the band. Double bass player Kristian Lind has moved to Turkey and has been replaced by his namesake Christian Spering, an outstanding musician and an exceptionally well known name for those in the know of the Swedish jazz scene. As always the new album contain a collection of exciting original compositions by Daniel Karlsson. Nine new songs (we had to drop one title on the LP version) with a more or less pronounced lucullic theme apparent in the song titles. Soundwise there is no reason to worry, the trio’s distinctive characteristics are very much in place, only even more so this time around. A slew of analogue synthesizers and a rare instrument in jazz settings, the Mellotron, frequently adding to the soundscape. This is not a first in jazz however, Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi years of the early 70s featured Mellotron on both the Crossings and Sextant albums.

The preeminent guitarist Andreas Hourdakis makes cameos on two tracks just as on Fusion for Fish and Daniel’s sister, Rebecka Karlsson, baroque violinist, is also featured on one track.

And as on Fusion for Fish the brilliant artist Richard Johansson has lent us one of his out of this world oil paintings for the cover.

The Daniel Karlsson Trio are:
Daniel Karlsson, piano, synthesizers, mellotron Christian Spering, double bass & tar shehnai Fredrik Rundqvist, drums & percussion

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Daniel Karlsson Trio Fusion for Fish Brus/Knaster 034


Even before all the songs for Das Taxibåt were mixed we knew that the wait for Daniel Karlsson Trio’s sophomore album would not be long. New music kept popping up, demanding attention, and already in early January this year we once again packed the mobile studio in Daniel’s taxi boat and set up on the island of Runmarö for yet another recording session.

The new album is called Fusion for Fish. It’s fully packed with finely tuned rippling piano glitterings as well as trips in outer space, underwater excursions and intelligently swinging clubby music. Jazz for the 21st century. And since we still prefer to be able to also touch and smell the music we release Fusion for Fish will be out on 180 G Vinyl in a magnificent gatefold cover painted by artist Richard Johansson (www.richardjohansson.com), as well as on CD, download and streaming.

The trio is still made up of Daniel Karlsson, piano and keyboards, Kristian Lind, double bass and drummer Fredrik Rundquist. Guitarist Andreas Hourdakis makes cameo appearances on two tracks.

Johan Månsson did the graphic design and photographed Richard’s paintings, more often than not before they were dry.

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Daniel Karlsson Trio Das Taxibåt Brus 021


It is finally time for the Daniel Karlsson Trio to make their album debut. Using the word finally in a record label press release text is of course nothing short of a cliché. We will do so anyhow since this particular album has been so long in the making. Daniel and I have been talking about recording it since 2003. That year Swedish jazz-supergroup Oddjob, where Daniel Karlsson is one of five founding members, bagged a deservedly won Swedish Grammy for their eponomosuly titled debut album. And just as Oddjob with their entry from a somewhat unexpected direction was a blow of fresh air on the Swedish jazz scene in 2003 Daniel Karlsson and his trio, double bass player Kristian Lind and drummer Fredrik Rundqvist, proves that the classical jazz trio format still can be challenged as well as developed.

The above-mentioned Grammy Plaque today resides in one of Daniel’s taxi boats for he is not only a brilliant pianist he is also one of the Stockholm archipelago’s mighty taxi boat skippers, hence the album title Das Taxibåt. The album is of course recorded on one of the islands, Runmarö, in the southern part of the archipelago during a few hectic days in March 2013.

In August the title track was the first to be released with its accompanying video. A somewhat surrealistic journey from a trip with a Bellona. From a foggy archipelago morning to a sunny afternoon under Stockholm’s bridges, composed of thousands of still images. A memorable day in a classic 70s water taxi, ending adrift outside the Stockholm City Hall with a broken fuel hose…

Please enjoy!

/Göran Petersson

Pianist and composer Daniel Karlsson, born in 1973, is one of Sweden’s most established jazz musicians. He has played with Swedish greats as Lisa Nilsson, Nils Landgren, Viktoria Tolstoy, Lennart Åberg, Jeanette Lindström, Rigmor Gustafsson as well as with international stars like Ernie Watts, Peter Erskine and Till Brönner.

Besides releasing his first trio album Daniel is busy this fall touring Great Britain, Germany and Austria with Magnus Öström Band.

Det är äntligen dags för Daniel Karlsson Trio att begå tillplattad debut. Äntligen må vara ett slitet uttryck men det måste stå så ändå eftersom Daniel och jag faktiskt har pratat om att göra den här skivan sedan 2003. Det året vann Oddjob, där Daniel Karlsson är en av fem medlemmar, en Grammis för sitt självbetitlade debutalbum. Och precis som Oddjob gjorde den gången när de förnyade den svenska jazzen med sin entré från ett lite oväntat håll visar Daniel Karlsson och hans medmusikanter, basisten Kristian Lind och trumslagaren Fredrik Rundqvist, på sin första skiva prov på ett litet annorlunda sätt att hantera det klassiska pianotrioformatet. Som av en händelse hänger den där grammisplaketten idag i aktern på Bellona, en av Daniels taxibåtar. För Daniel Karlsson är inte bara en av vårt lands allra mäktigaste pianister, han är också en av den stockholmska skärgårdens styva taxibåtsskeppare.

Plattan är som sig bör inspelad på plats i den stockholmska skärgården, närmare bestämt på Runmarö under några hektiska dagar i mars 2013.

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