Ordinary Extraordinary Brus 006 CD, Knaster 006 LP 

Folke is the pop alter ego (as well as middle name) of renowned jazz bassist Torbjörn Zetterberg, known from numerous releases in the jazz genre, with his own band Torbjörn Zetterberg Hot Five, as well as a member of groups like Jonas Kullhammar Quartet, Lina Nyberg, Sonic Mechatronic Arkestra a.o. Ordinary Extraordinary is the second outing from Folke. The first album, released in 2008, was met with a few raised eyebrows and loads of favourable reviews. Ordinary Extraordinary comprises even stronger material than the debut, in sparse arrangements by Torbjörn Zetterberg and producer Johan Berthling (Tape, The Tiny a.o.). Among the musicians drummer Ola Hultgren (Loney Dear, THUS:OWLS a.o.) According to Folke the album is about “all the superordinary events of life, the ones that everybody experience, yet extraordinarily unique every time. Here in the form of three family dramas, three inspirational speeches and three ordinary love songs.”

1. How Does It Feel
2. Wet Soap (FIRST SINGLE)
3. Tomorrow I’ll Be Gone
4. The Whole World Is A Scam
5. Lonely Lonely Lonely
6. Since The Last Time We Fell
7. It’s Over Now
8. Your World
9. Completely Sane

Torbjörn Folke Zetterberg vocals, guitars, piano, string machien, Hammond & pump organ, electric bass, syntheziser, drum
Johan Berthling electric guitar, pianet, syntheziser
Ola Hultgren drums & percussion
Olle Nyman drums
Johan Krantz backing vocals

CD version

LP version in gatefold sleeve