The World …According To Brent Hunter vs Nina Ramsby


The World …According To Brent Hunter vs Nina Ramsby
Brus 003 CD, Knaster 003 Double Gatefold LP

Is it possible to make valid music without meeting in real life. Will the music be at loss when mailed back and forth as zeroes and ones or can we drop that convention right away? Is it possible to make music with presence, music with contact, working at a distance?
According to The World …According To Brent Hunter vs Nina Ramsby it is most definitely so. It started with a fan mail from Nashville in 2003. Brent Hunter wanted to tell Nina Ramsby how much Baxters first album had meant to him. Nina liked Brent’s Southern language way of expressing himself and replied immediately. They started to exchange mails. After six months or so Brent asked if he could send some of his music to Nina. When she said yes, she was told that she was free to do whatever she wanted with it. Brent sent musik programmed on his RM1X sequencer but also cassettes (!) where he sang and played guitar, sensitive, cautious songs. Nina started to work on the material, cutting them up, adding things of her own, edited and programmed, completing the songs. Sometimes only an embryo of Brent’s idea was left. The acoustic songs were treated with the utmost delicacy, only adding some vocals, a trumpet in the background, a small guitar part to complement, to complete them.

When four songs were finished (btw all the music on The World is placed in chronological order as they were created) Nina sent them back to Brent, who really liked what he heard. Nina continued her »ruthlessness project« using the hissing and crackling cassettes from Brent. Not in order to make some sort of lo-fi statement but rather to clearly show the foundation of the project as well as pointing
out that the magic of music rarely depends on big budgets and expensive mics and that a low res mp3-file indeed is a valid starting point for a recording project.

Half of what was to be The World …According To Brent Hunter vs Nina Ramsby was finished in the Autumn of 2005. Two years had passed since thir first contact. They had still not met, not even spoken on the phone. Time to meet, Nina flew to the US and landed in Brent’s Nashville suburb. They played and sang in the same room for the first time. In
Spring 2006 Brent arrived in Sweden for his first visit and the recordings continued. Since then the two have met once a year and a second album is already in the making.
The World …According To Brent Hunter vs Nina Ramsby are 22 songs, small organic
acoustic songs and hard electronica, woven into a journey in and out of different worlds. Lyrics about oppression, about letting go of control, about gay issue struggles, about a God who is like a knife, about mad longing, about paranoia…

1. It Isn’t About Control
2. We Could Have
3. If Only I Could Leave It · If Only I Could Stay
4. Am I Waiting For You Again
5. I’ll Remain
6. You Might Be Th Only One
7. Life Goes On (Walk With Me)
8. God’s Like A Knife
9. I Am Alive
10. What If Th Whole World Went Away
1 1. It Must Have Been You
12. Hand Over Yur Love
13. Now That I’m Gone For A While
14. It Could Be
15. You Cannot Believe In Those Who Hunts Us For Who We Are
16. No One Can Change It All
17. Surrounded
18. Fellowship
19. I Pushed It Away Cause Of Fear
20. I Wanna Run
21. Now, In A Way Yur Mine W. Eva Ankarvall
22. Smoky Quartz · Th Tennessee Song

CD version

LP version, double album in gatefold sleeve