Johan Zilverzurf Zachrisson Howling Dogs and Lost Souls Brus 010
To the young guitarist who started out in Swedish reggae greats Dag Vag in the 70s the prospect of having one of his songs picked up by the legendary Lee Perry most have seemed like a remote chance but when producer Adrian Sherwood and Lee Perry did just that in 2008 it’s just another proof of how far and well Johan Zachrissons’s music has travelled over the years. On his sixth solo album ”Howling Dogs & Lost Souls” Zilverzurf returns to instrumental music after some years of co-works with vocalists from Sweden, Jamaica, France, England; Papa Dee, Simone Moreno, Desmond Foster, Joseph Beckford, Menad Bouchami, K-Reem, Nadaka & Gopika and Lee Perry. When pressed to describe the music on the new album Johan says that his initial idea was to make chill-out music for grown ups. The ambient setting of the album with the music interspersed with field recordings is indeed proof of this notion but there’s a sense of profoundness here that may well overshadow it’s composer’s initial ambition. ”Howling Dogs & Lost Souls” is pure music, and as such valid for any occasion.

1. The Painful Accordion
2. In Search Of A Purpose (First single)
3. Tagege
4. Saved Pressure
5. Living My Life
6. Mohabad
7. The Kalimba Dance
8. The Moment Is Gone
9. Travelling Slowly
10. Somewhere Out There
11. Céu Sem Fim